High Performance Engine and
Suspension Mounting Systems
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  • Harley Davidson


Independent vibration testing of the Dyna mount Vs new OEM part courtesy of www.fatbob-bikers.com

  • Accelerometer positions
  • Accelerometer positions
  • Accelerometer positions
  • Mount comparison
  • Vibration test results

Dyna Mount Evolution

  • Prototype version 1&2
  • Prototype mount version 3
  • Accelerometer fitted to measure vibration
  • Typical Harley front mount failure
  • OEM mount in test
  • In house made Predator bodies awaiting powder coat

Our facilities

  • Engine Mount undergoing stiffness testing
  • Workshop bay
  • CAD design of an engine mount system
  • Engine mount housing being cut on our CNC machine
  • In-house measurement of engine mount vibration performance on a Motorcycle

OEM parts

  • Original Equipment Dyna mount


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